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» American Truck Simulator Mods
Smarty's Wheel Pack by Smarty
— Version 1.9
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[35.48 MB]

This contains an Alcoa 22.5x11.75 widebase rim with a compatible Michelin XZY3 385/65R22.5 tire. The rim is a thoroughly de-polied version of RBR-DUK's Alcoa widebase. The combined poly count is less than 9000 tris and so should perform well on mid- to high-range computers.

RBR-DUK - original rim model

Download the zip file directly to My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod. There's no need to unpack it. Enable it in the in-game Mod Manager. Enjoy!

Paintable Steel Wheels by Smarty
— Version 1.3
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This simple mod makes the base game steel wheels and nuts paintable.

Improved License Plates by Smarty
— Version 1.7
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[1.4 MB]

States Included

Arizona - Apportioned truck plate, colour correction, and general serial format corrections
California - Apportioned truck plate, permanent trailer plate, and general serial format corrections
Nevada - Apportioned truck plate, permanent trailer plate, and general serial format corrections; extended passenger plates to include recent serial formats, colour correction and custom font

Special Thanks

Art - Reference photo for current-issue California Apportioned plate

What this mod doesn't do

This mod doesn't increase the resolution of the license plates. There are many technical reasons why this is inadvisable and it is likely not possible anyway.

Reflective Chevrons by Smarty
— Version 1.0
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This simple mod adds a reflective layer to the chevron signs in American Truck Simulator so they are easier to see at night.

US Map Objects by Smarty
— Version 0.2
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[865.48 kB]

This is a resource for map modders which adds a small selection of assets – most notably some regulatory and state welcome signs.

For more information about the contents of this package, please see its thread on the SCS forums.

ProMods Canada by ProMods Team
— Version 1.2.1
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This ongoing map project currently adds most of the lower mainland of BC to the ATS map. It requires the Oregon and Washington DLCs, and an account on