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When using these parts in your own creations, be sure to keep a record of whose parts you are using, as well as the original readme for each! This will make it easier for you to provide a proper credits list if you post or release your creation. Remember: All legitimate modding forums take plagarism seriously!
Wide Base Alcoa Wheels by RBR-DUK
obj format icon
[687.86 kB]

Includes textures

Ventures87 (wendi)
Chris (bay0net)
RBR-DUK (rbr_duk)
Jon (cascadia)

8 Lug Steel Wheels by RBR-DUK
obj format icon
[5.05 MB]

Original author: ???

Peterbilt 359 Dash by RBR-DUK
obj format iconobj format icon
[4.84 MB]

File format: .OBJ / .Z3D

UV: Yes

Textures: No

2016 PACCAR Hood Mirror by RBR-DUK - 6128 polygons
obj format iconobj format icon
[387.62 kB]

3D Model: RBR-DUK
Reference pictures: Daniel Vargas


File format: .OBJ / .Z3D
Polycount: 6.128

Tire Inflation System by RBR-DUK
obj format iconobj format icon
[107.91 kB]

File format: .OBJ / .Z3D
UV: Yes

Herd Bullbar by Colonel - 3336 polygons
obj format icon
[44.56 kB]

This primarily fits Peterbilt trucks based on Ivan or Jon's releases. It is based on the Herd 'Road Train' model from their Ultra Premium series.

Peterbilt 379 Cab, Sleeper, and Interior Pack by Colonel
obj format icon
[7.52 MB]

Included in this download are many simple parts for Jon's 379s that have been released. These will require some slight skill to implement, but not a whole lot. I've included: a 63" flattop sleeper; an Ultracab with a 63" ultracab sleeper that fits both hoods; a daycab that fits both hoods; mirrors that are to scale and fit on all cabs, will have to be moved up to fit the 378, though. In addition to the cabs and sleepers, I've included some interiors. Both styles of American class from 97-00, and 01-04(daycab, flattop 63" and standup 63" in both options) I've also included some reworked interior paints. All colors work with the 01-04 interiors, the 97-00 interiors use Jon's textures provided in his pack for the gauges and interior.


  • Ivan - Original models and textures
  • Jon - Improved models and textures
  • Deadman - Varied interior colors
  • Myself(Colonel) - Editing the interiors, cabs, and interior textures.

Peterbilt 388/389 Hoods by Colonel - 40816 polygons
obj format icon
[1.51 MB]


  • Steve (evh/evh5150vanhalen/5150)
  • Colonel (me)

Smarty's note: A substantial part of the poly count is in the headlights.

Peterbilt 386 Parts by Chris and Colonel - 87559 polygons
obj format icon
[1.12 MB]


  • Chris(bayonet) - modelling
  • Matt(Colonel/me) - adjusting/scaling everything

Saved with Zmod 2.2.4 so open it with that or higher version for best results. This is only the hood/fenders/bumper, mirrors, and mirror brackets.

Please do not upload anywhere without permission from Colonel or Chris.

Smarty's note: A huge part of the poly count comes from the mirrors, hood/fender interior, ornament, and logo. I'd suspect that the total for this set could easily be brought under 50,000 without touching the exterior hood model or bumper...

Steel Wetkit Tank by Smarty - 1406 polygons
obj format iconobj format iconobj format icon
[81.72 kB]

Based on American Mobile Power Model A3250, this is a 25gal steel saddlemount reservoir with supply, return, and suction lines with ballcock shutoffs and quick connect fittings. It should directly fit on any 34" frame. It is mapped and includes a texture in DXT5 .dds format.

Mudflaps with Straight Hangers by Smarty - 1276 polygons
obj format iconobj format icon
[153.14 kB]

A relatively common straight, spring loaded hanger with an assortment of mudflap textures.

Included textures for:

  • Ford Trucks
  • Freightliner (old logo)
  • Kenworth
  • Scot