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» Utility 2000R
Utility 2000R by Smarty
— Version 1.3.1
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[9.86 MB]

This mod adds a 1988 Utility 2000R 40' x 96" reefer trailer. It features an animated Thermo King Super II refrigeration unit, advanced coupling, and full use of the trailer paintjob system's current feature set.

When my wheel pack is installed with higher priority, custom wheels are applied to this trailer.

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Alternate Versions:
  • 1.2 for game version 1.32-1.34
  • 1.1.2 for game version 1.28-1.31
  • 1.0 for game version 1.5
  • 1.0 for game version 1.6-1.6.1
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