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Scot A2HD Sound Interface Guide

By: Smarty

Several people have expressed interest in developing sound mods for the Scot A2HD. I've set it up (as of v1.0.2) to be relatively painless to apply sounds to the engines that come with the basic mod. This guide outlines how to maximize the compatibility of your sound mod with the base mod.

I’ve included individual sound definitions that correspond to the four different visible engine models and their associated engine units. They are located in //def/vehicle/truck/scot.a2hd/sound and are detailed in the table below:

Sound Definitions Unit Names Engine Family
Cummins Big Cam II
(NTC 290, 335)
Cummins Big Cam III
(NTC 350, 350 Formula, 400, 400 Formula)
Cummins KT
(KT 450)
Cummins KTA
(KTA 525, 600)
Unused (prevents crash loading old saves)

The list will be updated, following the same format, as new engines are added to the base mod.

If you are creating a sound mod for the Scot, please overwrite these definition files and keep the unit names the same. There’s no need to touch the engine definitions as they already reference the sound definitions as above. Also take care to preserve the suitable_for[] array members in each sound definition; They, in combination with the defaults[] array in the engine definitions, link the sounds and engines to each other. This way, if a user removes the sound mod, there’s less potential for a crash.

Last modified: Apr 17, 2016