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Zmod Tips and Tricks

By: Smarty - Nov 12, 2015

This 'tutorial' is intended to collect a bunch of smaller Zmodeler 2 techniques and practices that I have found useful over the years. While Blender and Zmodeler 3 are the only programs that can directly export for current games, I still find that Zmodeler 2 has its uses. It runs well on older computers and can be a very competent program if you spend enough time with it.


Frame Stretching in Zmod

By: Steve - Dec 28, 2006

Import the truck you want to edit into Zmod. If you do not have Zmodeler yet, you can obtain it from the modshop page on SCR. Uncheck everything but the frame and rear wheels in the pane in the lower right of the screen. Now go to the bottom /top view. Click the vertex button at the top of the screen and then click a part of your frame. The wireframe should appear with red dots at the vertices.


Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 3)

By: Smarty - Oct 9, 2005

Alright! We have colour and we have gloss. But something is still missing! You want to view your truck's glass in Zmodeler, don't you?


Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 2)

By: Smarty - Sep 18, 2005

So, you're enjoying the materials editor. You and your fans love the way that your renders stand out. There's one thing missing though. Your renders lack gloss.


Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 1)

By: Smarty - Sep 16, 2005

So, you've finally gotten great at Z-mod, but when you post screenshots of your work, it's always gray and boring. You want to make your model look authentic and more interesting in your progress pictures. This tutorial shows you how to use the materials editor in Z-mod to make your project come to life.