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Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 1)

By: Smarty

So, you've finally gotten great at Z-mod, but when you post screenshots of your work, it's always gray and boring. You want to make your model look authentic and more interesting in your progress pictures. This tutorial shows you how to use the materials editor in Z-mod to make your project come to life.

First, load your model project. Open the materials editor (hit m). Click on the new material button. Open the basic parameters menu and click on the big, gray, square button. This will open the windows colour picker (the same one as in Microsoft Paint). Select the colour you want and press "ok."

That's the easy part. Activate the select tool (shift + g) and select the objects you want to assign to this material. Activate selected mode (space) and open the materials editor again. Select the material you created earlier and now click the assign to selection button in the lower right-hand corner.


You may need to repeat the last paragraph a few times. Z-mod has a bug that causes it to miss these things occasionally. You can also use this tool in poly view mode to assign multiple materials to one surface.


Last modified: Sep 16, 2005