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Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 2)

By: Smarty

So, you're enjoying the materials editor. You and your fans love the way that your renders stand out. There's one thing missing though. Your renders lack gloss.

There are a few different ways to acheive reflections in Zmod. I'm going to teach you my method. It gives a candy-ish effect and bears a bit of similarity to a 3DS Max brazil render.

You already have your project open and your materials made (see part 1). Open the materials editor (m) and select one of your materials that you want to make metallic. Scroll down to the "Texture Layers" menu and click on the first available button labeled, "..."

Open your reflection texture (You may use mine. The original texture is by Ivan. I inverted it to work with zmod.). Now click, "Apply as: Edit." You should now have a screen labelled, "Texture Layer Properties Editor."

Set it into simple mode. Apply the texture as, "Low-level Environment Map." Use UV mapping: "Auto sphere environment."

Now select advanced mode. In the table at the top, set (operation, colour) to ADDSIGNED from the drop-down list.

Congratulations, you should now have a render similar to mine on the projects page.

Last modified: Sep 18, 2005