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Materials Editor in Zmodeler (part 3)

By: Smarty

Alright! We have colour and we have gloss. But something is still missing! You want to view your truck's glass in Zmodeler, don't you?

This tutorial is actually very short, and even more so, easy, so don't panic. You won't even feel a thing. Open up your zmod project and we'll get started!

Select your window or other object you want to make transparent using the select tool (shift+g) and activate selected mode (space). Now open the materials editor and set up a new material for the window with an appropriate colour and possibly gloss. Now scroll into the alpha parameters menu about half way down. Drag the opacity slider in alpha blending to the left until the value is about 177.

Click on 'assign to selection' and your window should now be transparent.

Last modified: Oct 9, 2005