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Frame Stretching in Zmod

By: Steve

Import the truck you want to edit into Zmod. If you do not have Zmodeler yet, you can obtain it from the modshop page on SCR. Uncheck everything but the frame and rear wheels in the pane in the lower right of the screen. Now go to the bottom /top view. Click the vertex button at the top of the screen and then click a part of your frame. The wireframe should appear with red dots at the vertices.

Go to select->quadr in the menu at the right (or hit shift+g on your keyboard) and select the part of the frame you want to move by right-clicking and dragging a box around it. Now go to modify->move on the menu (alt+m). Hit the spacebar to turn selected mode on (if this does not work, there is a button around labelled "selected" towards the top on older Zmod versions or floating around on the newer versions. This will allow you to move all of the selected vertices at once.

Ensure that only the green "Y" button is depressed at the top of the screen (this means that X and Z are not depressed). This is so that you can move the vertices only forward and backward without going side to side, thus keeping your frame straight. You are now ready to stretch. Let 'er rip!

Ensure again that the move tool is on. You can now stretch the frame by clicking in the top/bottom view pane by left-clicking and dragging the frame up and down.

Of course, now you have to move the wheel "nodes" to line up. They're the little green spheres that you (hopefully) didn't uncheck at the beginning (wheel0-3). If they are unchecked, just check them again. Click on the object level button (in the same bank as the vertex button, at the top right) and then deselect all (either from the select menu at the right, or by hitting shift+d on your keyboard).

Enter selection mode again by hitting shift+g and then select the wheel nodes. Make sure move is still on and then move them into place on the frame. Ensure that everything is lined up and satisfactory, then export the modified psm. Now close Zmod.

Open windows explorer and go to the base folder of the truck you modified and take out the animation line (else your truck will crash when you buy it).


extdefs "/makes/acc_base.def"

def accessory:/accessory_base {


material0:"driver: p379.mat"
material1:"frame: p379.mat"
material2:"interior: p379.mat"
material3:"l_cabin: p379.mat"
material4:"l_cover: p379_ts.mat"
material5:"r_cabin: p379.mat"
material6:"r_cover: p379_ts.mat"
material7:"wiper0: p379.mat"
material8:"wiper1: p379.mat"
material9:"mirrors: p379.mat"

Remove the line in bold.

Edited for grammar and structure by Smarty.

Last modified: Dec 28, 2006